2014 – New Year, new ideas. Quit a while ago I came across a book – I haven’t read it yet – about a lady who didn’t shop for a year.

I found this idea quite intruiging. BTW: Don’t expect any perfect grammar here, I just want my English speaking friends to be able to read this too. If I ever get to publish the blog – still not convinced about sharing too many personal information on the internet.

Anyhow – back to the subject. The lady didn’t go shopping for a year. I think she defined for herself what is an important buy and what isn’t. So in case of trying some of the usual New Year Resolutions – which usually don’t last longer then Mid-January, I thought I come up with my version of “not-shopping”.

End of December I had a look at our storage – food, cosmetics (as in: make-up, shampoo, shower gel etg.) I also had a look in my cupboard – as if I didn’t see it at least every morning… I did some “final buys” end of the year and I still expect one or two orders, which I of course will pay, but then I’ll give it a try.

I am not a shopaholic or so. At least I don’t think I am. But I love reading organizing posts/blogs/books and I think I am pretty good with all the tidying up stuff. We have a small falt. Two people, 55 square meters under a roof. And we do have a lot of things. We are sharers. We like to give where we see a need and can fill it. I work for a NGO, so that doesn’t make me rich, but it pays the bill. Hubby has a part time job too, and we are ok. But getting back to the shopping business. I occasionally find myself bringing home things I don’t need, already have or I don’t really want, once I really think about it.

So I will do a little inventory of the next few days and a few rules on which I’ll try to shop-along.

Things like:
Do I need it or do I only want it?
Is it broken an need replacing/repairing?
Is it a gift? – Gifts are ok. We are givers and I don’t like friends and family to miss out on pressies.
I will “allow” hubby to give me a really wanted thing for a birthday or a anniversary (and yes, valentines day counts too :))

I guess I will come up with more during the next few days.

I am absolutely new to blogging, and I will see where we take it from here. I don’t know how often I’ll blog, but I’ll give it a try.

So what are your resolutions – if any?