I am thinking a lot about what I buy and why I buy it, if it really needs replacing once it is brocken, lost or disappeared otherwise. Just the other day I dropped a book by accident in the toilet. I don’t normaly do that :). But it was sitting in the bathroom for months and I only looked at it once or twice, although it is a really good book. For now I put the titel on my amazon wish list and will see how bad I miss that book.

My final buys from last year arrived and are payed. And the pressies for hubbies birthday in February arrived and two more I’ve ordered today. Yes – pressies are okay!

I find myself trying to find a lot of excuses for buying things – or not buying things. I refused to buy a really nice smartphone from a friend, because up to now I don’t need one. I am fine without apps with my normal three-and-a-half-year-old phone – it is still working and I hope it does for some time. Until then – I don’t think I need it.

I find it interesting to go to the grocery store just for the things on the list. I do have a short look at the offers, but usually I really don’t need it. I am very intruiged to see what it does in the long run.

We have a monastry nearby and they do some sort of fleemarket for a good cause – this one I find really difficult to resist. I think I will allow myself to spend a certain amount once a month there as a treat.

I told my husband he is permitted to give me presents or take me out, but I will avoid to buy anything else but the essentials. I had to go to the hairdressers (short hair, so every five weeks I’ll have to go), but that is fine and I do have a really nice hairdresser and it is always nice to have a wee chat with him. I had to buy a pretty expensive shampoo, because of my skin condition, but I was really thinking about it. Also had to fill the car, can’t really avoid this one. Also bought some beverages for the next few weeks, but almost felt guilty about it, because it is not just “plain water” or juice and I don’t really “need” it. But I think I will have to find out for myself, what is ok and what isn’t.

I received this book I was talking about earlier (still last years buy). It is called “I don’t buy anything”, but it seems like the lady was almost a shopaholic and must have had a huge warderobe. This alone is not possible in our tiny weeny flat. So that is a good start.

I also noticed that once I started thinking about buying, I re-think many other things in life. Do I really want/need to watch this, eat this, do this…? Don’t know where this will get me, but feel free to stay with me on that journey if you like.

BTW They do a lot of free books on amazon kindle… and I had the kindle already, long before I started. Anyway – I don’t think I will run out of books in the next ten years or so.

Any New Year Resolutions on your side? Why are they called re-solutions…. hmmm