Today is Day 15 of my shopping diet. Weird title, but seems to fit best what I am trying to do here. I don’t find it really difficult yet, but I notice how I am trying to make excuses for what is necessary and what isn’t. For example:
Sherlock, Part 3 is coming out next week in the UK and I really would like to have it, because I think it is a really cool series (room for discussion on this one) but here comes the BUT…
Do I need it? No. Can I live without it? Of course! Could I maybe talk someone in to get it for me or use a voucher on amazon? Difficult – I don’t really want this. That would be cheating. I want to think of alternatives. Can I put it on my birthday/anniversary/valentines wish list? Of course! And I feel that is the right place for it. Or to even use that amazon voucher I got for joining a new energy provider. In my opinion that would be “allowed” too.

So I keep thinking about all sorts of things – is it ok to buy this or that, do this or that (if money is involved) and so on. Recently a course paper for craft courses ended up in my inbox. I really would like to do those courses. They are in town, not too pricey and learning or improving my skills in “scrapbooking” or “dry felting” (what on earth is the proper english word for this one) will help me to use up my endless craft resources and maybe even help me to save on some gifts / cards in the future. So yes – me, myself and I agree that this is absolutely ok. So I will decide again and again – it sounds more difficult than it is – about what is necessary and what isn’t – although I don’t need a craft course, but I think it helps my personal development and other things.

What I also find is, that I am faster in going through my emails. I delete newsletter from certain providers and I reduced the amount of newsletter enormously.
I am also faster at going grocery shopping: We make a list and then run from one point to the other, maybe checking some of the offers, but also find that we don’t need most of those offers.
I also find is that I value the things I already have more. I may even become more thankful. But we are only at Day 15 here and there are 350 more to come.