You know, I love knitting. I love wool and I do have a “small” supply of it which will surely get me to most of this year. And yet I find it challenging to browse through that arts & crafts brochure this online craft shop sends – because I ordered once or twice before. In a way I love marketing and how they target your interests, but in some way I hate it, because they surely know how to get to you. So me, myself and I thought again and decided, that this would fall under the “law of my shopping diet” and that more wool is really not necessary! So! Besides I am just knitting a blanket and I haven’t even finished a quarter of it – so I guess this winter project will last until late spring or so – I might report about it… And I guess even if I run out of wool, there might be some on offer somewhere….

So wool is not allowed. But I allowed myself a new Bible: A poverty & justice Bible (available in German and English), I got the German version. I find poverty & justice very inspiring – although I wish there would be no poor and no need on this planet and justice all over. Be we are not there yet. But we all can do our share.

I will create a few guidelines for myself on the journey through this years. Things like:
Write a shopping list. I’ll do that anyway, but I am a bit more serious with it.
Buy only what you need and be aware of your definition of need. It is so easy to cheat on this one.
Use what you have and be creative with it.
Another question is: How much does a woman need – in her wardrobe, in the bathroom cabinet, in the kitchen storage, in the cellar… Interesting questions, but I found already one answer: 16 nail polish is too much! Have to admit, I didn’t buy them all myself, I got some given, but I don’t really need so many!

Talking about need – I don’t need, but I really, really want this DVD I was talking about. Sure we can afford it – this is not the point, but I will not buy it. If hubby sees the need for a Valentines pressie, that is fine, but I will not buy it. So this shopping diet is a costly thing – costly not money wise – rather the opposite….

I had to re-write this blog because I lost some of todays writing to the world wide web. I will try to remember it for another time. So for now you’ll have to put up with this here…