I love markets. You know the kind of flea markets, where people put there used items on display and hope that some poor person may have pity and buy the old odd thingy. This kind of market. We even have topped it over here: there is this monastery I mentioned earlier and they are selling all sorts of things for a good cause. Even better! I love good causes too! They have a room full of kid’s games, glasses, dishes, cloth, curiosities and so on. Each theme has a room. So if you look for something special you should be able to find it pretty quick. And the people helping sell – all volunteers – are pretty good in knowing what is where.

I do have a list when I go there with items I found I need again and I don’t want to borrow. Like a ceramic coffee filter or a watering-can. It doesn’t have to be new for my purposes, it just has to blend in with the things I already call my own. I sometimes find an item from my list, but sometimes I discover a need while browsing through the shelves. And I discovered I am not alone: I have a little cheat within me calling: “That is allowed! It is okay if you go for this. It is only a few bucks…“ Last time I went there my little cheat won. I didn’t spend a lot and that is not the point. But I had to re-think my love to markets. What to do?

I decided I will give a small budget to markets once a month. And I will carefully pick one market I go to and spend it on what I think I need or want – depending on how load that little cheat within yells at me… I can’t leave him behind, but I can give him boundries. And I will.