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I am not sure if I try hard enough, but I have my struggles with the definition of “need”. Do I only need a thing if I can’t live without it? Or is a need also something which helps me to keep another thing in shape? For example a seat cover for a car. We don’t need it, but it will surely keep us warmer and the car seat cleaner and a cleaner car probably sells better. So I decided that seat covers are okay. Very much looking forward putting them in the car.

Another example: A Jeans needs repair – I do have enough trousers, not the point here – but I would not throw them if they look okay, fit, but only need a little repair. At the end of the day it almost cost more to fix those trousers (12 € to be precise), than to buy cheap ones at a discounter. But then again: Are they environmentally safe? Most likely not. But this would make a complete blog on its own.

There are other things where I find myself making up excuses why this or that is allowed. I still have a lot to learn here. And I will. The year is not over yet and you only learn by trial and error. So I will start over again and keep addressing those “need” attacks. I guess sometimes I will figure I am needy and other times I will I have more than enough. Feel free to share your thoughts if you’re trying something similar.