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I am sometimes torn between buying something and finding an excuse for it – which in a way would be betraying myself and I probably would say “Gotcha” at the end anyway or say: okay, I don’t really need it, but it is worth the money and I can use it or put it to a good cause.

A few examples: I was sorting through my countless recipes. I love cooking, backing, conserving things (in need of homemade marmalade anyone?). I found a copy of a cook book I once had and I wondered why in my right mind I would have given that one away (this seems to be the price for sorting out too much, too often :)) Luckily the word biggest online store still has is and I bought it for the second time. Looking very much forward using it. And it is one of those healthy ones, not one of junk food ones.

Food is another example. I am still making some mistakes here, but it seems I am learning from it. Altogether I notice that our lifestyle starts changing for the better and I am really happy and grateful about it. On top of everything I got back in to reading my bible and I am currently stuck with the Sermon on the Mount (Matt., 5) and I rediscovered it and I rediscovered a longing to live more like that. Maybe I will write about that another time.

I also thought about the privacy of that blog here and I think I would like to open it for a wider public. Who knows: someone might benefit from my thoughts and experiences. So feel free to pass it on if you like.

Getting back to the shopping temptations: I used to live in England for two years and ever since then I love England, the Union Jack and the British way of life. Not all of it, but a lot. Including some unhealthy choices too :). We try to reduce plastic – still way to go, but we’re trying. So I also like to reduce the tissue packages in our household and we are using more tissue boxes on the table. There is a company over here that does really nice tissue box holders with a Union Jack as a motive. And guess what I couldn’t resist? I surely didn’t need those, but I love them and they probably will last “forever”. I didn’t even try to find an excuse.

But I have to say: I didn’t buy any cloths ever since I started and no shoes, no decorations as far as I remember. I spent a bit on knick-knacks at those markets, but I am trying to make them as useful as possible.