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Sorry for the long silence. I wasn’t sure what to write if the shopping diet is going well. There is an unnecessary e-book for less than 1 Euro here and there – and I already feel bad about it. I guess we spend a little more on food, since we started checking even more where it comes from. And I guess we are changing. Don’t want to say that too early, but I think we are becoming more grateful for the things we already have. I really don’t need all the things I have. I appreciate them, but I don’t need them. Yes, food, drink, shelter – a home, warmth, a bed, loved ones, work that is ever so precious. And I sometimes forgot about it. I am not a thankfulness guru now, but I want to get back to the point where I can manage with less and still be happy, maybe happier than before. Many Christians started giving up something because of lent. They don’t eat meat, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat sweets, don’t go on the internet, don’t watch TV and so on. I skipped that this year, since I guess I chosen my “project” for this year. The funny thing is: I don’t really miss shopping. A colleague lately asked me: “what do you do if you have one of those retail-therapy-fits”. Guess what: I don’t have them. I liked shopping and I still like food shopping and researching things I need on the net. But I spend less time with it. I write extensive grocery shopping lists and then we work through that list, once we’ve got everything we think we need.

What I do notice is that I am reviewing certain parts of those lists. For example: where does the meat come from? If I don’t know it or think it wasn’t “happy” meat I am not going to buy it. (So we are hardly eating any right now). I know the perspective on that varies. Or: I am happy we found a source for “happy eggs” and can support a local farmer a little. We buy our flour at the nearest mill. These are only small steps to what I would like my life to become, but I think they are steps in the right direction. Once I am finished with one area and made a decision about it, I want to move on to the next one and decide that one. They will not always be as ecologic or organic or resourceful as I would like them to be, but I very much hope they will make a difference in my little world.

BTW: The thing with the meat leads to finding some really cool new vegetarian recipes and nice spices. For example, we just tried Macaroni & Cheese with cauliflower. Yum! With lovely cheddar cheese from a store here (no “happy” cheese though, but very tasty).