We’ve been away for a weekend recently. Usually I am very tempted to buy some stuff from the locals or some little souvenirs or knick knack in the stores. This time it felt different. Since this weekend was a treat for both of us, I didn’t want to cut things too short. We found an affordable place via Airbnb near the river Rhine, bought some whine (from the locals 🙂 – although it was pretty difficult to find a winter who actually wanted to sell the wine… Lot to learn about marketing those lovely winters along the river…) We went out for dinner and drove around the beautiful scenery and had a dander through some of the small villages along the Rhine. We saw plenty of shops, but this time I didn’t feel the urge to buy anything. We bought one little souvenir for my mom and a little booklet for our next tour. And this was it. A bed, nice food, some whine and a beautiful scenery was enough. We didn’t need a “top up” via additional buys. I am finding it interesting to see how my perspective changes bit by bit.