Not quite, but I haven’t been as consequent as I wanted to be. I bought books I don’t need but simply want. I took one of the craft courses which I mentioned earlier and since the course took place in a local store and you could shop afterwards – I couldn’t resist. I bought four really pretty posh glasses and I guess we don’t need any more glasses. I am pleased that my better half likes them as much as I do, but I still felt a little guilty once I took them home. And some other similar stories… I still haven’t bought cloths so far, which I think is pretty cool.

I also notice that I rethink plenty of choices: DVDs I watch, CDs I keep in the shelf, books I am going to read (or not) and also how I spend my time. We really wanted to see one particular film in the cinema, but decided that that is way too expensive for something we weren’t quite sure about. We try to make more healthy choices food wise – we try to buy organic food and meat and the more we look, the more we found good places to go and buy. I also noticed that I rarely visit the local mall and that I find supermarkets more annoying than before. I still like shopping, but I also see the “danger” of it – you buy things you don’t need, you buy bulk because you think it is cheaper or something the pretty face in the TV told you to buy J Right… I guess you’ll get the hang of it. Feel free to tell me what you don’t shop – because you simply don’t need it.

There is a live style called minimalism, which I find quite interesting and it makes me think that many, many people on this lovely planet have to live that live style because they don’t have another option. They cannot choose which mall to go to or what to buy, because they simply can’t. They have to survive on a bowl of rice or less. That makes me very sad too, because I strongly believe God made enough food (or the possibilites to grow it) for all of us and it is man (again) who messed it up. And those with the smallest voice loose out – again. That makes my blog seems pretty useless and senseless, but maybe it helps us to re-think and to re-act. We have given the power to make our little world a bit better every day: just where we are now… So I better get going…