I’ve planned that for two or three months now and now we’re finally here. Another start. Similar to the last one. Not sure how often I will blog, but I will give it a go. I think it was October when I stumbeled over a site in the net “andthanwesaved”. A young lady reported how she saved over 20 thousand dollar in only 15 month. I was pretty annoyed that we are overdrawn forever, but never seem to be in the black. So I talked with a good friend and with my hubby and we decided to make a fresh start together with our friends. More accountability and stuff… Will see.
The first few days are over and I think we are doing great so far.
We’ve made a list beforehand about what is allowed and what isn’t. For example allowed is all of what we run out and what needs to be refilled – as long as we really need / use it. Forbidden is eating out unless it is in conection with a birthday or an anniversary or a holiday. But no icecream, coffee break in town, pizza around the corner. This is going to be a tough call. Even tougher for me will be: no more scrapbooking stuff. But lets be honest: With the stuff I call my own I probably can scrapbook for the next five years… Well….
Thing is: the thinking changes as well as the way you look at your flat. I find myself scanning the flat and ask: do I really need this, do I want this, is it nice/usefull, when did I last use it… I think you’ll get the hang of it.
Also I find myself making excuses: Well I could say it is essential because… and then I find myself trying to cheet. No can do!
I did order a micro SD card today, but this is to prevent me from buying a CD player and I think this is quite a good save at the end. Will see.
Welcome to our new journey. I guess I will tell more about what is allowed, what isn’t and how we are getting on.